About Us

At PTW, we’re focused on providing unparalleled service to major clients in the oil sands and other principal hydrocarbon areas, as well as clients in the mining and industrial sectors. We are one of the largest electrical and instrumentation providers in North America, with over a dozen locations across the United States, and over 2,500 employees throughout our worldwide network of offices. For more about PTW and how we can meet your organizations electrical and instrumentation needs, check out our video!

Leadership Through Growth

To consider yourself a leader, you have to offer something tangible that elevates you above the competition. More than a statement about quality or service, you have to construct an organization that is pledged to advancing the industry.

To PTW, leadership is growth.

Taking a strong foundation of work ethic and service quality, and building new capabilities that add value to our customers. Companies that engage with PTW receive the highest grade of performance that only a comprehensive organization can deliver. We constantly add new elements to our company that broaden our service range; more advanced technologies, new business units, and new processes. This is our way of offering more. Higher proficiency, more capacity, and still maintaining the caliber of work that has built PTW into one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Building Tactical Business Elements

Delivering the highest quality work consistently is a result of our ability to control the outcome. We maintain state of the art facilities for manufacturing and fabrication, and manage subsidiaries that specialize in distribution and repair. All part of our network of strategic offices across North America. When we undertake a project, we have the technical service portfolio to act as a one stop organization. From breaking ground to completion, we have incorporated all the key components. This streamlines production, communication and accountability, reducing the stress and room for error that lies in heavy industry. Having elite units in critical industry segments provides PTW with the best products and services. These groups are focused on being exceptional in their field, collaborating within the PTW umbrella to execute on a variety of projects cohesively and safely.

Pride in Our Safety Program

Great work is produced by talented individuals, and we prioritize in the safety and well-being of our employees. Our fully integrated corporate health and safety program is an ever evolving system that seeks to provide the safest possible work environment. Our long standing initiative, Target Zero, is an ever present mandate to our team and to our customers that we will remain proactive in the protection of workers, equipment and property. Whether at our location, work site or in between, safety is a mindset that an incident free operation is achievable.

Target Zero – Accident and Incident Free Operations.

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Building Trust With Every Step

One of the most important elements in leadership is trust. Our customers choose us because they know our combination of talent, experience and quality control will always deliver. Reputation matters, and every project is an opportunity to build on the PTW name, cementing it with the notion of superior work and successful endeavors.

To learn more about our company or services, please contact us at 1.888.845.4529