Electrical Modular Buildings

Fabricated Buildings and Packaged Products

Custom functionality, manufactured quality and quick development; fabricated buildings are ideal for industrial applications. We can tackle almost any sized project, customize it around your specifications, and have it built fast in a controlled environment.

Building onsite is incredibly expensive; transporting raw materials and labor in uncontrolled areas comes at a premium price. Schedules are harder to keep, production gets in the way and costs start to soar.

 We offer a complete package with building design, structural development, electrical and instrumentation installation, and quality control.

Structural Steel and Buildings

We supply specific packages to suit any application. From self-framing to rigid steel frame, numerous options are available to suit your business needs and environment. 

Quality control is crucial to our process; ensuring that our buildings meet the harsh North American environments and diverse industry uses.

Types of structural steel buildings we supply:

  • Self-framing buildings
  • Rigid steel frame buildings
  • Shed style roof
  • Gable style roof
  • Modular
  • Over-sized structures with shipping splits
  • Blasted and painted structural steel
  • Wall/ceiling lining and insulation
  • Under floor sprayed in Urethane or mineral wool insulation with aluminum cladding
  • Pre-painted wall and roof panels
  • Aluminum wall and roof panels
  • Galvanized steel wall and roof panels
  • Galvalume wall and roof panels

Heating and Cooling Systems

To maintain comfort and functionality across the extreme temperatures we face, we have engineered a convenient climate control into all of our pre-engineered buildings. The HVAC units we install are designed to maintain a predetermined temperature over ambient ranges. This takes into account sensitive electrical components and heat rejection loads from other electrical equipment inside the structure.

  • Automatic re-circulating air systems
  • Wall mount air conditioning units
  • Platform/pad mount HVAC units
  • Unit heaters
  • Exhaust fans
  • De-humidifiers
  • Fresh air intake louvers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Purge and pressurization systems

Electrical and Instrumentation Applications

We can outfit your buildings with electrical and instrumentation equipment. This includes installing the major electrical, or we can provide a complete package solution that includes all the building utility wiring. We will handle all interconnect wiring, conduit and cable systems, lighting systems, fire alarms design and installation, perimeter security and grounding systems. As electrical and fabricated structure specialists, we can help map and implement complete custom systems into just about any building.

  • E-Houses
  • Switchgear
  • Protection and Control
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Process Control/PLC
  • Instrumentation
  • Metering/Analyzer
  • Communication
  • Control Room
  • Generator